Added on July 6th, 2015


The following operations are supported:

AdvancedVerifyEmail: This function will verify an email address and also includes the ability to timeout the verification process. The Verification can be slowed down by the email server being verified against. Timeout is in seconds Use a licensekey of 0 for testing NOTE: A timeout error (7) does not mean an email will not go through. You should treat this as a good email address.

ReturnCodes: This function will give you all the possible code returns

VerifyEmail: This function allows you to verify an email address against the mail servers it belongs to. This function differs from the advanced function only by it automatically setting a timeout of 5 seconds

VerifyMXRecord: This function will verify the domains DNS (MX) mail entries. If the function returns 0 the persons email domain is invalid. More than 0 will indicate there is mail servers to accept an email. This function is great for quick email domain verification. It is not as powerful as the other email routines. Use a LicenseKey of 0 for testing. A -9999 as a result means that you have tested to many emails. Please try again later if you get this value.

More information: