Added on February 12th, 2011

geoPlugin Currency Converter

geoPlugin Currency Converter
All calls to any of geoPlugin's web services provide you with an accurate currency converter function, as well as currency details about your visitor (what is their local currency code and symbol), that is updated daily.

This allows you to easily and accurately provide geolocalized prices in your visitors' local currency on any and all of your pages. That way, if your visitors are from another country, they know how much your products will cost them.

The default base rate returned when calling our web services is $US. If you trade goods in a currency other than $US, you can change this by tagging the variable base_currency=XXX to the web service call, where XXX is a valid ISO 4217 3-letter code.

PHP, JSON, and XML webservices all return the exchange rate within the variable geoplugin_currencyConverter.
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