Added on February 15th, 2011

Trazzler Travel Guides

Trazzler Travel Guides
The Trazzler API is a RESTful api for accessing trip page and user data.The Trazzler API supports a RESTful interface. In short, this means that clients simply use an HTTP GET or POST to call the exposed methods. Most methods are restricted (accessible only via api key) however, a few are public, for all to use.

Trazzler's API enables you to access Trazzler "Trips." Trips are created by talented writers and photographers around the world who took our challenge to capture a memorable travel moment in words. Trips also include a photo and metadata such as geolocation and tags. The Trazzler editors read every trip submitted to Trazzler and commission the best writers to contribute even more.

You may use Trazzler Trips in any website or mobile application, for free, if you follow the guidelines outlined in the Terms of Service.
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