Added on February 7th, 2011

Qhub API

Qhub API
Qhub.com is a simple way to create a Q&A website.

The Qhub API is a simple protocol set that allows developers to write their own interfaces for a hub's content, including its questions, answers and members.

The Qhub API is a standard developer-oriented interface to the main features available to a Qhub. It allows the construction of customised third-party applications that will encourage the growth of specific Qhubs and the Qhub system as a whole.

The API is available to any user registered to a Qhub. Each API request must be validated according to an active user within a specified Qhub.

Only approved and preapproved contributions will be returned, and relevant members must exist and be active.

There are API usage limits, according to requests per hour (by IP). Frequencies of requests are constantly monitored. Extreme usages will be automatically banned.

More information: http://qhub.com/api/