Added on February 7th, 2011


All of Freebase's data (all entities and relationships in the graph (including full history), as well as blob data such as descriptions and images) are fully accessible through a REST API (Restful).

The core web services allow you to read, write, and search Freebase's Graph data.

The search API lets you do a fuzzily-matched search for a string that occurs in a topic's name, aliases, or description.

The Freebase Terms of Service limit give users a read quota of 100k API calls per day (rolling 24 hour clock) and a write quota of 10k writes per day. Higher quota limits may be granted upon request to Metaweb. Default quotas on the sandbox are 1,000,000 writes a day, but if you have a non-default write quota on the production server, that same quota will be enforced on the sandbox too.
More information: http://wiki.freebase.com/wiki/API